Everybody is born to be…

…something.  A son, daughter, mother, father, friend, husband, wife.  A doctor, nurse, medic, teacher, policeman, carer.  Wealthy, poor, hardworking, lazy.  Name tags.  We attach these name tags to understand who we are, but do we really understand who we were born to be?

You were never born to be mediocre, to live a small life, dream small dreams.  You were not born to be submissive to negativity or fear.  You were born to live, to feel, to express, receive joy and to give love.  In all that you do give thanks, strive towards goals and abundant giving.  Be the best you.  You only live once and there is no second chance once you’ve reached the end of your journey.

Your life is your masterpiece; write it with passion and no regrets. 

Tracy, signing her first book

Me? I was born to be a writer, I simply love creating characters with their special quirks and often failings.  I love pouring them out into words that create a memorable story.

What about you?

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