Book Review: Write Treatments to Sell by Ken Atchity

Shown under the Fair Use Act for Critiquing

I seem to be reading such a lot at the moment, I thought I would start putting my reviews on here.

So here we go… first one.  Treatments that Sell by Ken Atchity & Chi-Li Wong

This is is a very thorough book, guiding you through the heartache of trying to write a treatment that will simply jump up and grab the reader.

Wanting to pitch to Hollywood myself, and in preparation for my meeting with Ken Atchity this coming June, I purchased two of Ken’s books.  This one, plus How to Pitch to Hollywood.  Both books are good, but this one is definitely the most helpful.

Step by step guidance on what to do, and probably more importantly, what not to do, this book is invaluable.  Maybe, slightly more geared to scriptwriters (if you are a scriptwriter I highly recommend this book), still extremely helpful to us budding authors.

One thing I didn’t know was about submitting your book to the copyright office at the Library of Congress, this is definitely now on my to-do-soon list.

Besides helpful tips like that, the book gives a real, refreshing, definitely honest view on getting your book made into a movie.  Unfortunately, Ken, I don’t hob-nob with millionaires nor rub shoulders with high flyers in Hollywood, so the only thing left for me is to a) wish for loads of luck, and b) work damn hard and hope that one day I am in the right place at the right time for my dream to come true.

Whenever I get down at all the hard work, I keep in mind my most favorite dream of all time.  That is walking down the red-carpet in New York, with my husband and my four sons, to attend the premiere of Idi & the Oracle’s Quest.  It is this dream that drives me forward, keeps me working hard… and makes me purchase books like Treatments that sell.

To all you budding indie-authors with the same dream, I advise you get the book asap!

Kindle $8.99/£6.75 or free to read on Kindle Unlimited

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