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We are sensitive people us indie-authors.  I know I for one, practically fall apart when Amazon ‘hit me’ with another veto, whether removing reviews I received or those I have given.

We're watching you!

I do feel that Amazon has taken an underlying – almost sub-conscience, decision to get rid of us, well the ones not selling thousands of books a month of course. Woe betide that they should lose someone who makes them money.  Profit is their goal after all.

And therein lies the problem.  Although let’s be honest, we would like to make some money, actually, our inner-drive is usually to share our stories with people.  The joy I receive when someone leaves me a positive review is, in fact, a far greater reward than the pennies I earnt from the book sale.  Because positive reviews make me so happy I always want to reach out to people who left them and add them to my friend’s list, I actually invite people in the back of my books to come and find me on facebook so that I can build a relationship with the readers of my books.  Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t correspond with me and ask me about it, they just see that I have become friends with someone who left a review, and bam, they take away the review and 5 others for good merit.  Gosh but Amazon has made me cry on numerous occasions.

We are highly emotive, creative people, and Amazon is a money-making machine.  I wouldn’t say they hate us indie-authors, but I would say they’d like to get rid of quite a few of us.  We have infiltrated the world of books and if book publishers are not careful we will one day rule the world of publishing, from behind our computers in the comfort of our homes, an army of like-minded, self-driven, revolutionary writers.

Having lost several lovely reviews from people on Amazon, I have to say in hindsight, that I wish I had read Amazon’s T&C’s before blindly clicking ‘accept’.  Their policy clearly states that ‘friends’ are not allowed to leave reviews.  My distress comes when they removed reviews from people I have never met, who in fact were not friends, but that I foolishly clicked ‘Add friend’ to on Goodreads after they left me a review – big mistake.

Amazon owns Goodreads, what a dreadful thing that is.  I always thought Goodreads was an independent place where people who loved books could leave their thoughts and share with other like-minded people, all totally nothing to do with profit and suchlike.  I was, therefore, most upset to discover that the money-making machine that is Amazon actually own this previously unbiased platform.  So be warned, DO NOT ADD PEOPLE AS FRIENDS JUST BECAUSE THEY LEFT YOU A REVIEW, or like me, you risk the chance of losing reviews that you have worked long and hard to receive.



6 thoughts on “AMAZON – INDIE-AUTHOR HATER?”

  1. Well done, Tracy. It’s about time we brought to light all the shenanigans and scams Amazon pulls to our detriment.
    I’ve been trying to get them to stop advertising other peoples books on my title description page, but they don’t respond. This time they placed an ad for New York Times bestsellers right in the middle of the description! It just shows the contempt they have for us indies.
    I should probably let them know that the mention of “New York Times bestselling author” is the kiss of death to me, there are so many awful books and bad writers on the list.
    The only author I respect is John Grisham, and that’s because he is a good writer.

    1. Thanks Vicki.
      I just had a run-in with Amazon after they removed every review I’ve ever given when I questioned what had happened I was told ‘our decision is final and not open to query’. I then asked, awfully politely – stating some UK law, where if requested all information on a person must be submitted to them – if they would tell me why. I got an instant reply saying sorry there had been a mistake and all my reviews were put back.
      Totally awful Big-Brother-complex. I understand that they have T&C and need to watch out for the fraudsters, but they are terribly off-hand with us indie-authors, and I do feel we are treated like second-class customers, especially when they refuse to correspond with us.
      Yes, I agree with you, after viewing thousands of NYT Bestseller authors on Twitter I am now also quite wary of this mark of distinction as actually carrying any weight.

      1. Good for you getting your reviews back. You must work awfully hard on these problems so I hope everyone will follow your example and fight back. We need to know what out rights are and stand up for them.

      1. I use it primarily when I want to get a synopsis of a book or if I am looking for quick recommendations for an upcoming trip. I’m not on there faithfully.

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