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Book Review – The Crimson Deathbringer by Sean Robins

Do you think the Akakies will visit us soon? I do love a good joke.

Well wow, you would not believe that this was Sean Robins first book! At the end when I read his short bio and discovered he’s a teacher, that made sense – because the book, especially for a first novel, is beautifully edited, easy to read and well-structured.

If you’re a SciFi fan then you’re going to love this big book. It’s meaty (long and detailed) bringing all the characters to life, making you like and care for them. They’re real people, in hopefully, not so real circumstances. Normally long books lose me, but not so this one. Each chapter kept bringing everything to life, definitely could see it as a mini TV series. Loved the alien humour – who’d of guessed that four legs and antenna could host a joke prankster? 
I really enjoyed that you saw the ‘bad guys’ (aliens) through their own eyes so you could see each aspect of the story as it came together. Well I could go on and on, because as you can see, I thoroughly enjoyed this story – highly recommend. ps also loved the GOT references, nice touch 🙂

4 thoughts on “Book Review – The Crimson Deathbringer by Sean Robins”

  1. Dear Tracy, I read your review. It’s excellent; I don’t know how you do it, to be frank. I went on Amazon right away and bought a copy.

    I seem to be falling apart lately and haven’t been very active for a while now; no blogs since last year. I’ve only published one new book this year and have a feeling it will be my last. In case your interested, it’s called “Daughter”. I am finding it increasingly hard to remember words and can’t recall how to spell the most commonplace words; I sometimes ask my Mexican partner for help: …What’s the word for…? I’d be lost without him, or a computer.

    Speaking of computers, mine has been crashing frequently all this year and has finally given up the ghost. It’s been in the shop now for a week, but I haven’t heard any news from the repairman, so I don’t expect it’s to be resurrected. Luckily, I have a backup that Carlos has been using and which he has very kindly let me take over. He is using his laptop attached to my old monitor.

    I’m going to keep working on my pile of unfinished works, just to have something to do, but I don’t know if I’ll ever finish them. I will be 82 this month, but I won’t give up without trying. I can also do beta reading if you know of anyone who wants a book read.

    Please forgive me if this sounds like whining. I just felt like talking to a friend. I’m really quite happy, thanks to my faith, and continually smiling or laughing.

    Wishing you well, and abundant happiness.

    Sincerely Vicki

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    1. Hi Vicki,

      I know your message was not for me, but I thought I answer anyways.

      First off, thank you for buying my book! I sincerely hope you enjoy reading it.

      Secondly, you are not whining at all. We all have feelings like this. If I had a penny for every time I ask myself why I am even doing this… One thing that makes me keep going on is reading wonderful reviews like this one here:)

    2. Arr Vicki so sorry to read your comment. I am away from my pc now and on phone at my mums for a few days for her 80 birthday when I get home on fri I will email you. Thanks for reading my post good to know someone does 😁 sending you a big bear hug 🤗 xx

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Thank you so much!! I loved reading your review. I’m so happy you enjoyed the GOT references- I’m a big fan myself. Speaking of, the proposal scene with the “Red Wedding” reference? That’s how I proposed to my own wife:)

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