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New Release – Between Witches & Angels

So excited to say my latest book is now on Amazon.

When witchcraft goes wrong, Hell wants her soul.

Megan Harrison will do anything to help the people she loves, but sometimes love isn’t enough. Even her budding magic can’t stop the man of her dreams from falling off the wagon, nor can she get him to fall in love with her!

Crushed by a painful divorce Jack Munroe only sees Megan as a friend.  Heartbroken, Megan moves to Cornwall for a new job, a witches’ coven and a new man.  She can’t begin to imagine the dangers lying in wait in her new idyllic world.  As her life descends into hellish madness, she longs for just one heavenly moment in Jack’s arms.

When Megan goes missing on the wild Cornish Moors, Jack fears the worst and launches a desperate search. Will he realize his heart’s true desire was always within reach and conquer the demons that threaten them, his love and all mankind?

Between Witches & Angels is a riveting supernatural romantic suspense novel. If you like edgy sorcery, unbreakable bonds, and sweet redemptive love, then you’ll adore T N Traynor’s page-turning adventure.

This is what a friend said… Wow, I really like all the changes you’ve made to Between Witches and Angels. Paisley and Nina’s machinations come across more strongly, and the tantalising references to a virus (very close to home) lead neatly to the sequel. It is a brilliant story. I think the book is exceptional – it stands head and shoulders above most of the books I read, and I hope you make the big time with it.

Even with that lovely encouragement I am still very nervous as I wait for the first reviews to come in…

2 thoughts on “New Release – Between Witches & Angels”

  1. I am currently reading your new release, Between Witches and Angels and finding it to be fabulous. I can’t put it down. I love your writing style and storytelling ability!!!

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