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Book Review – Find Your Joy by Rosie Mankes

I wrote this 5 star review for Books Go Social

Inspiring and uplifting, Find Your Joy is a truly encouraging memoir.  Learn how Rosie moves from survivor to thriver, in this positive journal-style autobiography.

Rosie’s own trials are laid out in short snappy chapters, which is great for dipping in and out.  Her writing style is light and easy-to-read, and I found myself racing through the pages.  To have four cancer genes seems unfair, and to undergo both lung and breast cancer at separate times is a bitter blow.  Rosie also touches on other events that filled her life with sadness, such as the death of both her brothers and her mum’s development of Dementia.  I have to say I wept (happy tears) at the very short chapter number 78.

I salute Rosie’s desire to help others cope with their problems, and this book certainly accomplishes that, let alone the life coaching she has begun.  The whole book is encouraging and uplifting, but the chapter ‘When I began to turn the corner,’ which is full of practical steps, is by far the best.  These steps are not mentioned in such a way as to say ‘you need to do this’ more of – this is what I did, and what worked for me.  Even down to what shoes brought her comfort!

I appreciate so much of this book, but I’d like to mention my favorite line, which is this: I’ve learned during this journey that it would not be one big thing that would help me move from adversity to emotional wellness; instead it would be a series of small things that, when brought together, would create change.  I think this sums up the book up perfectly.  We can read to simply enjoy her memoir, or take things away to be encouraged, or maybe learn to seek the positive in everything, as Rosie did.  I took away from this that there is no shortcut through sorrow, but there is a way through it, and once out I can look at the world around me and appreciate all I see.

Review warning: Before you rush off and buy any book that someone reviews you should read the free sample chapters provided on Amazon, this way you can decide for yourself if this book is your cup of tea or not.  Happy reading everyone!

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