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Book Review – In the Room with Three Doors by RJ Askew

An easy, very enjoyable, poetical tale. 25 with their whole lives ahead of them, what will the three love-birds do with their triangle?

Every now and again we come across a book that stands alone, this is one of them. With a soft lilt the author invites you into a modern day fable. Through the lives of a small cast, big issues are explored. When Rhiannon’s twin sister tragically dies at 25, Rhi becomes determined to live her life at full steam. She is ready to risk everything, including that heavy gilded cage of respectability. After expressing her love to Matt and Jamie she persuades them to up sticks in London and move to Watercress Farm in Hampshire. Her creativity and enthusiasm for life bubbles over to all she encounters. Chloe and Jake certainly have a lot to thank her for. As does Jamie’s father Luke. Luke’s life is one of regrets, he has money but lost his family in the process of making it. Rhi sends him a red folder containing a business plan that any boardroom would laughingly reject. The image of Sunflowers leaps up at him and the prospect of speculating on imagination means his heart is exposed to possibility – that, is something he can pour his money into, after all his dream of being a ftsy 100 director is never going to happen. What’s important in life? Do we take stock and analysis where we are before it’s too late to change? Are we courageous enough to step out of the norm and move away from comfort? Work on the cress farm is hard, but none of them would go back to their old life. They will only move forward, where the wind may blow them. Life should be an adventure after all!

Review warning: Before you rush off and buy any book that someone reviews you should read the free sample chapters provided on Amazon, this way you can decide for yourself if this book is your cup of tea or not.  Happy reading everyone!

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