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Faith In Abertillery by Tracy Traynor – book review.

Faith is going to be on sale at 0.99 from 11th Nov, don’t forget to grab a copy 🙂

R J Askew . St Albans

This engaging romance, set during the Welsh religious revival of 1904-1905, is a little gem, with several sparkling facets.

I like history and so was taken with the insights the story offers into both the difficulties of working-class life, at a time when there was no welfare state to offer a safety net, and the astonishing nature of an upsurge in religious fervour that had a radical effect on the lives of thousands, throwing up some unexpected consequences, some of which had serious outcomes for those not swept along with it – publicans for example – and sometimes producing downright hilarious results. And all because thousands of miners deserted the pubs and packed the chapels and stopped cursing so much.

Backed by a passion for research, Tracy Traynor’s writing portrays a way of life that was perhaps more family oriented than our experiences. She also captures the gulf between rich…

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