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Save time and money. Get more sales. Earn a profit.

I’m proud to present my no-frills reference guide, to help turn you from a writer into an authorpreneur!

Want to self-publish professionally for as little cost as possible? Then this is the book for you.

Whether you’ve written for fun or profit, in this how-to manual you will discover the cheapest way to publish your book.

Inside these pages are guidelines on publishing your book, and how much it should cost you. There are lots of ‘how to’ pages ranging from putting your book on Amazon, advertising and promoting and how to get those all-important reviews. Plus a chapter on getting your book onto Audible.

At the end of chapters are blank pages for you to reflect, make notes but most importantly for you to record your dreams and ambitions. Ebooks are great, but Don’t Go For Broke would be best utilized in a paperback version so you can write your notes in it, bend page corners, insert book marks and generally use it as a reference guide that you can dip into every now and again when you move on to the next stage of your journey.

Free to read on Kindle Unlimited, or $3.99/£2.91.

Robin 5.0 out of 5 stars A MUST have guide book if you want to self-publish Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 February 2021. I don’t normally write reviews but I found this excellent book to be such a time-saver that I simply had to share my thoughts. There are many books out there purporting to help authors and yet they don’t really – the author tells you some of their journey but they don’t really divulge too much about themselves. This book is a very generous offering from Tracy Traynor, for not only does she share her years of expertise, but also she spares the reader the mistakes that she made along the way. She is unafraid of sharing those blind alleys and in doing so, she guides aspiring authors on how to become self-published with a much smoother approach. This book is not vague or general in its advice – it is very hands-on, practical and full of the how-to if you are trying to become self-published. All the things I spend ages trying to figure out, (particularly the technical things you have to negotiate) when all I’d rather do is write, Tracy has provided a comprehensive guide that I was able to follow. I found myself making notes as I read and have filled 18 pages of a notebook so that I can come back to the advice as I need it. I am very thankful to the author for this book – a real time-saver and at the same time, a real encouragement for me on my own writing journey.

Recommendation I wish I’d read a book like Don’t Go for Broke a decade ago because I would have spared myself a mountain of wasted time and trouble in trying to sell my stories.  I’d have been happier as a writer and I might have made some money, too. Instead, I was Broke Bloke.  My attitude was all wrong, right from the start.  Yes, I tried a few marketing strokes, but I failed, totally, bombed. The stupid thing was that I knew marketing needed as much effort and skill as writing and editing.  I just didn’t work at it.  Reading Don’t Go ForBroke came as a smell-the-coffee moment for me.
The book works on two levels of equal importance.  Firstly, it details in a simple way the dos-and-don’ts that bestselling author Tracy Traynor has learned and applied during her own writing career.  Sadly, I broke several of the author’s golden rules. I was unsure about audience and genre.  My covers were not right.  And I brought my titles to market too soon. My experience is catalogue of failure.  That said, these are all common mistakes for the self-publishing wannabe.
Secondly, Don’t Go For Broke offers a consistent and clear message of hope.  Here are the tools, it says. This is what to do, it says. But – above all – it also says, YOU, TOO, CAN DO IT.  If you are prepared to listen, learn and apply the knowledge of the author’s experience. It’s inspirational stuff. 

Don’t Go For Broke is a working book. There are pages to make notes at the end of each chapter and dozens of useful links. The links alone may prove the book’s worth for some readers.

For anyone at the start of a writing career, I would recommend Don’t Go For Broke as a highly useful road map, even for someone with a good attitude towards marketing.

I shall keep my copy close to hand as I work to get things more right than wrong in future – Broke Bloke no more.
Review by R.J. Askew – Author

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