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Book Review – The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

I can understand how this book has 30,373 reviews on Amazon US with 4.3 star rating. It is a whodunnit thriller like I’ve never read before.

I read through some reviews and was quite surprised that not everyone enjoyed it.  I was totally gripped.  There is something so real and so frightening to think that a neighbor, a friend or even a family member is a coldhearted killer.  Sends ice down my back.

The story takes place over 7 days, and is told from the view point of three different women.  At the beginning they don’t know each other but their lives are woven together by invisible silk strands.

There’s Cecilla.  A woman who has it altogether, her life is orderly, neat and idyllic, why wouldn’t you just want to be like her?  She has everything it seems, loving husband, beautiful daughters, friends, family, nice house and even makes a fortune selling plastic containers!

And there’s Tess.  Timid, shy but happily married with a wonderful son, a caring husband and a cousin who is more like a twin and always by her side.  They’ve set up their own business, and they’re doing really well.

Then there’s Rachel.  Oh my Lord, Rachel.  Rachel broke my heart and I cried at the end.  She was happily married once.  She did have two great kids, once.  But then one day someone murdered her daughter, strangled actually.  Her pain is raw and I felt it all.

We come into their lives 27 years after the murder of Janie (Rachel’s daughter).  In the exact same moment, their lives are sent on a collision course, 7 days before Easter, the anniversary of the death of Janie.  It starts when Cecilla finds a letter her husband, John-Paul, wrote years ago and lost.  As Cecilla holds the letter that states – To Cecilla, to be opened on the event of my death, Tess’s husband and her cousin explain, ever so regretfully, that they are in love and want to be together.  At that precise moment, Rachel is told that her only joy in life – her little grandson, is being taken across the world.  And so the crash begins.

Have you ever played pass-the-parcel?  That’s how I felt the book read, each time the music stops and someone rips off the next layer of paper but the prize still isn’t visible, so on it goes until the music stops again.  Just like that, instead of becoming clearer, the mystery kept deepening, more intricate and definitely more compelling to read.  Moriarty, in my opinion, is a master storyteller.  Her characters so gripping, the plot clever the timing spot-on.  The Epilogue reveals things that no one knew and I just kept thinking… this author is brill.  Emotions run hot and heavy throughout and this is definitely a thriller that is more about people and how they think and feel than the murder itself.  I really thought it was a great read, I certainly couldn’t put it down.

For some reason I can’t find the kindle version on Amazon US, so this is the link to the paperback, but it is only $7.00, and in fact there are secondhand copies to buy as well. In the UK it is on kindle and that costs only £0.99 at the time of writing this. UK Link ….. US Link

Review warning: Before you rush off and buy any book that someone reviews you should read the free sample chapters provided on Amazon, this way you can decide for yourself if this book is your cup of tea or not.  Happy reading everyone!

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