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Easy Amazon Ads for countries other than the USA


Putting an ad on Amazon UK, for example, is easy-peasy.

1.  Go to your KDP Bookshelf

2.  Go to the book you want to advertise, click on ‘Promote & Advertise’

3.  In the ‘Run an Ad Campaign’ click on select marketplace, then choose your country.

4.  Click ‘Create an Ad Campaign’

5.  You only have 1 choice here, so click on ‘Continue’

6.  Give your campaign a specific name, eg book title and bid value.

7.  In END date, select a date a month away, don’t leave open

8.  Daily budget, put £5 or equivalent

9.  Leave Automatic targeting ticked

10. Leave Dynamic bids down only ticked

11. If you have more than one book, make sure the correct book has been selected under products.

12. MOST IMPORTANT STEP – make sure you put £0.35 or equivalent in here.  Do NOT leave Amazon to set it.  You can always do another ad with a higher price per click if you start selling loads of books.  To start keep it low.

13. Click Submit.

Make sure you watch your daily amount spent.  If you are getting lots of clicks – and are therefore being charged a lot – but you are not selling books then something is wrong – stop the ad and seek advice.  So long as you watch the account daily you won’t end up with a large bill at the end of the month.

The above is a page taken from my book – Don’t Go for Broke, Go for Book Growth. Also in this guide you will find a section on going deeper with ads, and reading your ad results.

It can be read for free if you have Kindle Unlimited, or it is $3.99 for ebook and $10 for paperback. I honestly believe a reader will get more out of a paperback as the book has been designed to allow you to write your plans and next steps in.

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