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Book Review – Food Fight! by Thea Lambert

Looking for a perfect, feel-good, romantic comedy? Then look no further! This book was made for relaxing holiday reads, but if you’re not traveling anywhere, still buy it because it’s a superb, swoon-worthy, enemies-to-lovers’ romance! A definite 5 stars from me!

Food Fight has everything in it to make it a Bestseller.  The setting of a TV food contest show was crafted elegantly and with humor.  Its main stars Charlie Heffernan and Seth Salinger go head-to-head with their culinary prowess in order to beat each other to win the staggering prize of $200,000! As if the money isn’t enough to fight for, there’s a history between them that makes Charlie want to thrash him.  Both of them have pressures on them that make winning the money extremely important, so much so, that Seth sets out to distract Charlie by romancing her, and distracting her enough so that she messes up on the show. Neither of them realize at the beginning that their magnetic force would draw them so close they would taste love. Who will win? Can Charlie forgive the past? And when is the next book due out!?

I was surprised to find out that Food Fight is Thea Lambert’s first novel. The plot is cleverly framed, the characters well-developed and the setting fabulously creative and interesting. There is a perfect pitch between tension and romance that makes this a complete page-turner. I can see Thea with a great writing career in front of her, and look forward to future books. Food Fight is a fun, easy to read romantic comedy and comes very highly recommended by Chick Lit Café.

Review warning: Before you rush off and buy any book that someone reviews you should read the free sample chapters provided on Amazon, this way you can decide for yourself if this book is your cup of tea or not.  Happy reading everyone! Currently only $0.99/£0.77 (I don’t know how long it will stay at this price) or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

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