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Book Review – The Overdue Life of Amy Byler by Kelly Harms

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Delightful and often laugh-out-loud funny, this is a well written story that I would happily give 5 stars.

From the first page I knew I was going to enjoy this book, and I wasn’t disappointed.  The author has a light ‘pen’ touch and a wicked sense of humor.   I seriously laughed out loud several times, once so much so, I had to stop reading and fetch tissues to wipe my eyes, tears were pouring, shoulders were shaking! Her daughter’s journal entries are hilarious!

Amy Byler was married for a long time, and had two young children, when her husband decides he’s had enough and leaves.  Over the next three years life is a struggle, kids always come first, swiftly followed by work and paying the bills.  She copes, her kids are doing great, but somehow over time she has slipped into mom with the unsophisticated hairstyle and the baggy joggers.  But she’s doing OK.  The story begins the day she spots John in the drugstore of all places.  He’s back, and wants back in the kids’ lives.  Amy’s world starts spinning, thank goodness for her two amazing friends who anchor her to the ground.

I loved the easy flow of the story and the great writing style.  I loved the humor and the friendship between the three women.  However, there are two things I didn’t love.  Amy gets a make-over, which is great, don’t all us moms dream of a make-over?  But I’m a realist, so when Amy is made up and dressed well, she is suddenly one of the most beautiful women in New York and men are piling in the invitations for dates, umm, I’m a realist so this began to lose me here.  If you though, love to read a book to escape the real world then this is definitely for you.  The other thing I didn’t particularly love was the amount of time it took to tell the story.  The first half was such fun and so great, and then the second half became about dating and I found myself muttering, chop-chop come on get on with it – but then I am a typical Virgo!  Very touching and lovely ending, brought it back together and I’m a sucker for a happy ending.  I do rate this book highly.

$4.99/£3.29 or free to read on Kindle Unlimited.  11,078 reviews on Amazon US (at the time of this review) with an average rating of 4.3

Review warning: Before you rush off and buy any book that someone reviews you should read the free sample chapters provided on Amazon, this way you can decide for yourself if this book is your cup of tea or not. 

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