Born to Be

2021 Book Awards

It is with great pleasure that I announce the finalists in my 2021 Book Awards.

These are 14 books I thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend.

Arden, Katherine – The Bear & the Nightingale

Askew, R J – One Swift Summer

Bostic, Yvette – Magister’s Bane

Gamble, Kelly Stone – They Call Me Crazy

Hahn, Chanda – Lost Girl

Herbel, K C – The Innkeeper’s Son

King, C A – Truly Unfortunate

Krantz, Kayla – The Council

Lang, Cam – The Concrete Vineyard

Nathan, R P – A Richer Dust Concealed

Roberts, Nora – Year One

Robins, Sean – The Crimson Deathbringer

Taylor, Spaulding – Last Star Standing

Whitlow, Wilson – Mystery of the Khar Chuluu

Winners of 1st, 2nd & 3rd place will be announced on December 1st!

Congratulations to the above 14 author’s.

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