A New Dawn

Now the proud winner of 3 awards!

A New Dawn is a new series. The story starts with Megan learning to be a Green Witch. When a warlock sentences her to death and a demon clings to her, she realizes she’s in trouble. Jack is her life-long friend and her only hope.

In book 2, Megan and Jack learn that the Aurora-Nova are designing a virus to wipe out of most of mankind. They have no idea what to do, until they are visited by the remnants of the Knights Templar.

In book 3, dooms day is looming close. After a vision, Megan wants to take as many people as possible to the mountains in Wales where she believes God will keep them safe. It’s a race against time, and a battle against the devil worshipping cult members.

From beginning to end, the story is about courage, putting aside self and caring for others. Throughout the three books Angels battle demons as they endeavour to keep Megan safe.