A White Christmas

Coming soon! A White Christmas in Berrycombe

Only one thing can bring love into Carter’s life – a  Christmas miracle!

Carter decided years ago he didn’t need anyone in his life. A successful author with no need to venture into the world, he cocooned himself in his comfortable Greenwich Village apartment and became a recluse.

After an unsuccessful year of writing, Carter decides to leave New York City for the holidays and go in search of inspiration. A small country guest house in England seems like the perfect place for him to write his next story while hiding away from yet another yule time and the painful memories it evokes. What he doesn’t know is that a storm is about to hit Cumbria, that will barricade the village in snow and cut off the electricity.

The landlord’s daughter entices him out of his shell when she asks him to help keep the villagers warm. Carter is about to have his world turned upside down as the real reason for Christmas makes itself known.

Can Laura and the villagers melt his frozen heart?

A White Christmas in Berrycombe is a small-town, Christian romance with a whirlwind of festive magic and mistletoe!