About Me

How I started writing

More than twenty years ago I climbed into the Beetle and put my hands on the steering wheel, I was about to take the boy the to nursery.  Little did I know that I was about to take myself to a whole new world!

As I drove off our drive and onto the dirt track outside I marveled at the Indian Ocean in front of me, Mombasa so full of beauty and tragedy, a place to day-dream …. and that is what I did, I think!

Half way up the track and out of the blue this young woman appeared before me.  I could see the details on her dress and that fact that she was barefoot, I could see the colour of her hair and her eyes.  I watched as she glanced all around checking the coast was clear before hitching up her dress and racing across the lawns to the maze.

As soon as I got out of the car she was gone, just like that, a puff of smoke, a silly day-dream.

However when I next got in the car she was to return.  The daydream grew and grew, day after day she returned for three months.  By the end of three months I thought I was going mad!  I had heard somewhere, sometime, that if you wrote down something that was troubling  you it would help it to go away, so that is what I decided to do.

As soon as the pen touched the paper I started writing and I couldn’t stop; often I would laugh out loud and say “Slow down, slow down” because I couldn’t keep up with the speed in which the words flew through my mind.

Once the book was finished I sent it to Darling Anderson agency who wrote me back saying she thought the book was good but that it was more like a children’s book which she didn’t handle.  Umm, wasn’t too sure a children’s book was what I had in mind … so I set about re-writing it.  To date I have written it three times and tried editing it numerous times.  It has been a long time in the finishing and I am impatient now to continue writing book three.

My dream is for people to be able to pick up my book and to get lost in the story.  I escaped my circumstances so many times by being lost in a good story and this is my driving wish for others, that they may get caught up in the people and places of Talia, and for just awhile, leave their own world behind them.

I have read lots of fantasy books, and many have been fab, but many more have been hard to read, making that escapism a bit too hard.  My story, therefore, is not full of complicated plots, and names you can’t pronounce, nor is it worded for the highly intelligent.  One of my favorite comments to date, from Rhianne Statom who has read my book, is that “Oracle’s Quest is like Lord of the Rings but for those of us who don’t have degrees in Middle Earth”!!

So here I am, believing and hoping that this story will one day make it into the heart of fantasy lovers…. wish me luck.

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