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OnLineBookClub Review 4 out 4 stars

Idi & the Oracle’s Quest is a sci-fi/fantasy book by T N Traynor. It is the first book in the Born to be Fantasy Series. It is about an elderly magician named Marcus. He was sent on a mission by the Oracle to evacuate his home and go in search of a young boy named Idi. Marcus was to train him to become a wizard and together, they had to travel to the kingdom of Havenshire. They would find the girl pregnant with “The One.” The young boy was going to become a great and legendary wizard who would save “the One” prophesied to be King. Marcus reluctantly went to the village of Clodoth and found Idi. He was a poor orphan and his guardian maltreated him. He was battered and starved almost every day of his life. Idi was dubbed the village idiot. Marcus noticed he was disrespectful and ill-mannered. He had a remarkably low self-esteem because of the abuse he had suffered. Marcus had to work on changing Idi’s perspective about himself.

King Hamish, the king of Havenshire was manipulated by the evil Norvora. The king committed a vicious act against his daughter Cassandra and the kingdom of Bluedane. Bluedane must go to war against Havenshire in retaliation, and Cassandra was banished from the kingdom of Havenshire. Alone and pregnant, Cassandra must fight for her life and the life of her child. The forces of good must unite to help Cassandra fight against the forces of wickedness who want to harm her. Idi and Marcus encounter many obstacles in their journey. They battled the heart eating dragon, wicked witches, and demons. They befriended good witches and fairies. Idi must master the act of sorcery in other the defeat the evils that threatened to unleash great suffering and destruction to the world.

The story is a narration told from the third-person point of view. The plot is genuinely fascinating. There are beautiful illustrations at the end of each chapter. These illustrations encourage the reader to vividly imagine the scenes. Believing in one’s self is a recurring message in this book. The characters in this book calculate time by the hourglass which I found to be fascinating. There is character development.

I do not have any complaint about this book. I enjoyed reading every bit of this fantasy book. The tragic parts in the book made the plot more intriguing.

I rate this book a 4 out of 4 stars. I found no grammatically incorrect sentences or spelling errors in this book. It seemed to be professionally edited. The plot is character driven. The writing style is direct and straightforward. I recommend this book to those who enjoy adventure books and sci/fi fantasy books. I do not recommend to young readers because there are violent deaths described in this book. It contains magic, spells, demons, dragons, and fairies. I do not recommend to those uncomfortable with these.

Customer Review Idi & the Oracle’s Quest 25.06.2018

on June 25, 2018
There is nothing about this book that readers won’t love! Idi & The Oracle’s Quest is the first book in the Born to Be series by author T. Traynor. An inspiring tale of fantasy, friendship, adventure, and learning, the characters in this story will come alive for readers of all ages. The story is written in an easy to follow format, with vivid imagery and witty dialogue, and a plot that includes every favourite element of fantasy fiction. Wizards and future kings, downtrodden hero’s with gifts of their own, all come to life within these pages to keep the reader anxious to finis each page. And, perhaps while loving the story, without even realizing it, some of those readers will gain a little bit of wisdom and confidence as well.

Customer Review Idi & the Oracle’s Quest 05.06.2018

on June 5, 2018
Best fantasy since Harry Potter! Beautiful and magical writing. Special characters. Witty and funny but with an important message! I loved this book and am already onto the remaining books in the series!

Customer Review Idi & the Oracle’s Quest 02.03.2018

on March 2, 2018

In book one of the Born to Be Fantasy Series (entitled Idi & The Oracle’s Quest), by T. Traynor, the world of Talia is soon to be at war, with its rival kingdoms preparing to attack the land of Havenshire. A headstrong princess must flee her home or risk being killed, while a tormented young boy must train to become a magician, leaving all he knows behind, so that he might one day be able to aid his kingdom.

When an evil wizard intrudes on a lover’s meeting, Princess Cassandra is forcibly banished from her father’s kingdom, nd finds herself preparing for the birth of a prophesized babe. Cassandra meets new allies, who help her to go into hiding for many years while else-where, a boy named Idi (often picked on by his peers) is taken in by a grand magician, Marcus, and taught to draw on his inner gift of magic.
For years, the evil wizard searches for princess Cassandra, while Marcus trains Idi up to be an exceptional header and magician.
On more than one occasion, we see Idi’s magic save the lives of innocents, giving us a glimpse into his selfless and compassionate nature. This giving nature is tested when Idi and Marcus come across a young babe, and Idi being the compassionate boy he is, takes the child in (when he is but a child himself) and raised her as his own.
I came to adore this book for its brave and loveable characters, and its uniquely crafted world. Traynor paints a vivid picture of the fairytale world of Talia and, in my opinion, has a genuine talent for worldbuilding.
I found the politics of this world to be interesting, often creating high-tension scenes that lead to conflicts between good and evil. I turned the pages, unable to stop reading, for its characters genuinely felt like people I had gotten to know personally.
The book raises various issues, such as:
~ The existence of a traitor in King Hamish’s own castle (Havenshire.)
~ A clan of elemental witches, hell-bent on destruction.
~ The killing of innocent people, in the name of evil (black magic.)
All of these issues show an unfair world, where much evil exists. I began to think about the history of our own world and the countless battles the human race has raced, of which (sadly) I’m sure there will be more to come.

There is an almost dictatorship like feel as the evil wizard begins to take over the running of the kingdom of Havenshire. I find this situation somewhat comparable to one in real life~ the issue of President Donald Trump, who appears to me as an evil man, only seeming to care about profiting from his country, and not for its actual citizens.
I found it enlightening that throughout all of the darkness in this novel, true belief was the key to Idi finding his magic ability when he and Marcus stumble across an injured baby girl. The depth of love Idi has for this child never ceased to amaze me. With her love, Idi is shown to be capable of anything, defying any and all odds against him.

End Quote: ‘It can only mean one thing: the war has begun.’
Book one ends on a cliffhanger, which I think only adds to the charm of this clever tale, for its last sentence sparks the start of the next book.

Idi & The Oracle’s Quest is a wonderfully written tale of Fantasy, which I would wholeheartedly recommend to lovers of Fantasy worldwide.
My Rating? Five Stars.

Customer Review Idi & The Oracle’s Quest

TOP 500 REVIEWERon December 5, 2017

Fairies, “power”, light, darkness, evil, good, oracles, witches.

Very easy to read in a sitting. The book is extremely well written and definitely has a form that alludes to being told a story. When I was reading it, I felt as if someone was telling a tale, rather than reading a fantasy. It’s difficult to describe, but I felt a calm and intrigue rather than predictability and lack of focus.

The writing style is very descriptive and emotive. Scenes are painted vividly. The characters have individual and unique personalities that are easily distinguished.

Overall, I liked it very much. Enjoy!

Customer Review Idi & The Sirocco Witch

on 26 November 2017
Delightful reading for teens and adults alike. T N Traynor is a natural born storyteller – her writing is charming, entertaining and wonderfully accessible. The whole series is great – and book three is the best one yet. If you enjoy fantasy – you will love these books.

A WISHING SHELF BOOK REVIEW12th November, 2017TITLE_ Idi & the Sirocco Witch, Book Three of the ‘Born to Be_TrilogyAUTHOR_ Tracy TraynorStar Rating_ 45CATCHY QUOTE‘Magic and may


Customer Review5.0 out of 5 stars“No, the Wind didn_t say but this can mean only one thing. The war has begun.”ByGrady HarpHALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon August 12, 2017Format_ Kin



5.0 out of 5 stars A MAGICAL ADVENTURE BEGINSBy Lady Anne VINE VOICE on August 1, 2016Format- Kindle EditionThis was a very good novel that is suitable for the YA audience. There is some



Latest review 12.08.17 on


5.0 out of 5 stars “No, the Wind didn’t say but this can mean only one thing. The war has begun.”

ByGrady HarpHALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon August 12, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

British author T (Tracy) Traynor struggled with dyslexia as a child but eventually overcame her handicap and proceeded to pursue her dream as an author of magical tales ‘with the empowerment of ‘spell-check’ and with the help of friends.’ As she states in her bio, ‘At the age of 40, she became a single mom and with four sons to look after she decided to go back to college. She is now a successful Finance Manager and has turned her life around. Under all the magical characters in her story is the underlying message to believe in yourself and overcome the past. Her biggest dream is that people who struggle to read, like herself, will be able to pick up this easy-to-read book and forget about their problems for a while as they escape in this world she has created. But also that the reader, if they have low self-esteem, would be encouraged to believe in themselves. I am a complete book lover and love it when I find a new world that I can get lost in. This became my dream, that I could write a story that people could escape their own life for a short time and get lost in Talia, the world I created. You have to have a dream for a dream to come true. I have the dream, I’ve spent twenty years of my life writing, re-writing, editing and re-editing Idi & The Oracle’s Quest to create that dream.’

One only needs to read the opening pages if this epic magical novel to become immersed in Tracy’s dream world – ‘“Oh mother of all demons!” Idi cursed as he swayed on the wet, moss-covered stepping stone. This was the furthest from the village he’d ever managed to get; he had hoped that maybe, just maybe, today he could have escaped his wretched life of despised orphan. The snowmelt hurtled downstream and the stone Idi stood on shook under its power; his cold dirty feet curled tightly over its slimy surface. Knees bent and his arms out-stretched steadying himself, he shook his head, flicking his long greasy hair out his face. He daren’t for a moment take his eyes off it. On the other side of the river waited an enormous crow. It was about the same size as the huge wolves he’d spotted stalking the forest recently. The bird’s claws scratched at the river bank, whilst its beady black eyes focused on Idi with intent. If Idi hadn’t have been concentrating so hard on where to step next, he might have noticed the huge bird arrive. Looking past the crow to the mountains so teasingly close behind, Idi ground his teeth. It isn’t fair. I need to get out of this cursed valley.’

The book is lengthy but Tracy’s synopsis condenses the story (part 1 of her series) well – ‘Idi, called to protect the future king of Talia needs the guidance of Marcus, a sagacious magician, to defeat the sinister Norvora. Yet his greatest challenge will be overcoming his entrenched belief that he’s stupid. Held prisoners within a magical orb the Sister Witches wait to be released. When the prophesied one is crowned King he will have the power to set them free. At all costs he must be found and turned away from the evil that is seeping into the world of Talia. Idi’s life so far has been full of sorrow. He longs to leave the village and to go in search of adventure. When Marcus, the Magician, turns up and asks Idi to join him on a Quest Idi doesn’t hesitate. They set off together across the lands of Talia in search of the mother who bring the new King into their world. They must find her before Norvora and his minions do, the Oracle is relying on them to keep the new King safe. But the world of Talia is changing, the demons becoming bolder and time is running out. The Witches must decide which side to fight on and Idi must learn to be the greatest magician Talia has ever seen if he is to save them all.’

The British verbiage adds to the beauty of this story – ‘Whilst Rubin had lived with them, Turtledoff had wanted several times to tell the lad about the book. Surely after all, this was to be the son he had never had? But something always held him back. Now as he looked at Cassandra, he knew why. He would tell her about the book one day, but the book was to be passed down to Absalom: he knew that with complete certainty. Absalom was the One and he would be the catalyst in determining the new Talia.’

We have a giant in our midst – a dream spinner and talisman creator who is most assuredly poised for a successful career as an important author. Grady Harp, August 17


Review 15.07.17 by

Idi & the Oracle’s Quest, T.N. Traynor

Idi, called to protect the future king of Talia needs the guidance of Marcus, a sagacious magician, to defeat the sinister Norvora. Yet his greatest challenge will be overcoming his entrenched belief that he’s stupid.
Held prisoners within a magical orb the Sister Witches wait to be released.
When the prophesied one is crowned King he will have the power to set them free.
At all costs he must be found and turned away from the evil that is seeping into the world of Talia.

Idi’s life so far has been full of sorrow. He longs to leave the village and to go in search of adventure. 
When Marcus, the Magician, turns up and asks Idi to join him on a Quest Idi doesn’t hesitate.

They set off together across the lands of Talia in search of the mother who brings the new King into their world. They must find her before Norvora and his minions do, the Oracle is relying on them to keep the new King safe. But the world of Talia is changing, the demons becoming bolder and time is running out. The Witches must decide which side to fight on and Idi must learn to be the greatest magician Talia has ever seen if he is to save them all.

Idi & the Oracles Quest is a beautiful, sweeping adventure full of epic fantasy and beautiful literature. It is a novel full of many intriguing things such as goblins, witches and strange things that can do strange things to people…what is this? Well, you will just have to read this delightful novel to find out!

Our novel is an epic fantasy tale and it takes the reader on a sweeping journey that will make you fall madly in love. Our novel focuses on Idi, Idi has been called to protect the future king of Talia however he cannot do this alone so he needs the help of a whimsical magician named Marcus. He needs his help to defeat the evil and sinister Norvora and this is all that I want to say about this novel!

This novel is so brilliant that I do not want to spoil it, therefore, I have kept my synopsis short, however! What I will say is that this is a fascinating, wonderful, intriguing story full of well-developed characters and beautiful descriptive settings. This novel is a YA novel, however, please do not let this scare you because it is still great… besides! Some points in this novel take dark turns and violence and action ensues and when it does it is gripping! This novel also has some beautiful messages underlying it about the importance of believing in yourself and to accept your flaws and be proud of them. I think this is really poignant and I admire our author Traynor for including this message as it will be great for young people to read.

Our author Traynor has done a superb job of building an exceptional fantasy world; it is a world that the reader can easily escape to and get lost in. You become so invested in the story, its characters, and their incredible lives. I loved reading about their relationships, their successes and failures, I adored all of this and this is all down to Traynor’s superb writing.

The characters Traynor has created are incredible and I adore them all so much! Marcus, the magician in the novel is pretty amazing and I loved how he is this wise older man, he is full of wisdom, heart, and spirit and he is such an enigmatic character to read.

To summarize my thoughts on this enchanting novel if you are looking for a novel that sucks you in from the very first page and which is a great adventure then this is definitely the read for you! This enchanting novel gets Four Stars from me!

Goodbye for now book lovers,






02.08.16 – lovely constructive review from a stranger who can’t wait for book 2!! 🙂

Customer Review

Another review on today 🙂

WOW, what a read. Excellent book can’t wait for the rest, 6 Jan. 2017
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Oracle’s Quest: Oracle’s Quest: Volume 1 (Born To Be) (Paperback)
WOW, what a read.. Don’t be fooled by the pretty cover, this is no children’s book. It’s full of demons, Wizards, witches, shapeshifter’s, dragons, elves, fairies and more. But not for kiddies. It’s better than all the fantasy books I have read put together and makes Harry Potter seem tame (if not boring) what a beautiful book. I am on book two of the trilogy already as I couldn’t wait.. Will report back after book two..


5.0 out of 5 stars A MAGICAL QUEST BEGINS **(4.75/5 STARS)**, 1 Aug. 2016
This review is from: Oracle’s Quest: Oracle’s Quest: Volume 1 (Born To Be) (Paperback)

This was a very good novel that is suitable for the YA audience. There is some violence, but it is not graphic. It has a wonderful underlying message about the importance of believing in yourself and accepting your flaws. The characters and the world are so realistic it’s hard to believe this is a first novel. It s filled with all sorts of magical creatures, fairies, witches, pixies, magicians; some good, some bad and some, I hope that are just mistaken in their current choices and will change as the story continues.

Marcus is a wonderful character and he has already helped who walk in the light so many to reach their full potential. Idi is by far his biggest challenge, for the first 13 years he has known nothing but physical and mental abuse which has scarred him in many ways. It takes Marcus a long time to make Idi realize that he has the potential that he knows he has, but her never gives up and there is only one time that he gets angry with him. It is this issue and others that I’ll mention that kept me from giving the book 5 stars. Marcus was sent to Idi by the Oracle Olenna and together they were to complete the mission to find The One who has been prophesied to save and unite the lands. With all the magical people and aspects available does he not realize that if their actions were endangering their mission that Olenna or another messenger would have been sent to him to make sure that they continued? I feel like his anger at Idi wasn’t justified and wasn’t explained either. It could have been explained as a device by one of those working with Norvora or Norvora himself, but instead it wasn’t. I can already see the reasons, the author gave us hints and this reason is one of the reasons that Idi has overcome his past and embarked on a wonderful future.

The other reason for the quarter point deduction is spelling and grammar which I don’t usually consider but I saw that this story had a proofreader and I feel like the mistakes should have been caught. There aren’t many and the story is very good but they do slow a reader down and interrupt the flow. There is one instance where the world stile was used then a couple of paragraphs later it was used again, only spelled incorrectly as style. There were some instances where the order of words made me think that the story was written by an author who learned English as their second language. A proofreader, professional or not’ paid or unpaid should have caught these mistakes.

I really enjoyed the novel and plan to read the next book when it is released in December; although I hope it is released sooner.

4.75/5 STARS: **I want to thank the author and/or publisher for providing me with a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review; all opinions are mine.**

and another 🙂

on 27 April 2016
I bought this book for my daughter but couldn’t resist reading myself! Absolutely loved it!!
This is a brilliant story to get lost in a world of complete fantasy, cannot wait for the next book from T N Traynor!

another review on 27.04.16

on 27 April 2016

This was a delight to read from start to finish. The author has crafted a real world within this text that drew me in and made me desperate to turn the pages to see what was going to happen next. I can’t wait for book number two – superb writing!

Another review today on, I don’t know who wrote it but I am so grateful this is my dream coming true, people reading and enjoying my story.

By Amazon Customer on April 15, 2016
Format: Kindle Edition
As I finished the last few lines, I found myself still reeling in a world of enchantment. This work of art effortlessly had my imagination running rampant in a magical daze. Oracle’s Quest was a captivating read that was nearly impossible to put down. Idi, a young boy in search of his greater purpose, simply tugs at the heart strings. My journey through Talia was one of adventure, suspense, and nothing short of amazing. This book has left me eager for what’s next!

Got to share another review I am so happy I could jump up and down for hours!

Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Oracle’s Quest: Oracle’s Quest (Born To Be Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
The story put me under a spell that could only be broken by finishing the book. The author has created a world alive with magic but also full of human emotion and longing. Witches and Shape Shifters and Demons battle for supremacy, but underneath all the supernatural intrigue beats the heart of a young boy trying to find himself. I learned enough about magic in these thrilling pages to want to become a magician myself, but that will have to wait for the next book, where the secret may be hidden that will unlock my powers! A fascinating read, thumbs up!
By KGriffs on 5 April 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

I love this story, the characters and the magical world T.N. Traynor has created. From start to finish – I was hooked. It’s exciting, romantic, moving, magical and full of humour. Anyone who enjoys fantasy novels – will LOVE this book.
I can’t wait for the next one to be released!

Comment received today, 30th March 2016 from my friend Bev:

Tracy you are amazing!!  Read Oracle’s Quest while away – fantastic!  Couldn’t put it down.  When is part 2 ready???  I need to know if Idi goes to the lady in the west!!!  You’re very talented.

I received a comment the other day from someone on-line at, if I could sum up how I hope people might view Oracle’s Quest it would be like this, below is his comment:


When I was in the first year of junior school the teacher read to us for half an hour each afternoon before home time. The first book she read was “The Lion, the witch and the Wardrobe.” It was listening to that book being read that first stirred in me a need to write my own stories. Reading your book took me right back, almost 50 years ago now, and reminded me again of the joy of reading just for the sake of it. I thought your book was complex enough to be interesting, simple enough to be read just for pleasure, without the need to worry about underlying meanings: a lovely fairy tale.


Comment on Authonomy – 14 Mar 2014

Here is another comment I received last year – also melted me.

 I received an email from a lady in America called Pam, whom I have never met except for chatting on FaceBook, she asked if she could read the whole book and now having read it she sent me this email today: (This email reminded me that my heart’s desire is for people to leave the real world behind for a short while and to lose them self in my story, for that reminder I will always be grateful to Pam)

I want you to know this. I can’t wait to see this published. I’ve had some major upheavals in my life so I have only gotten to read in short bits but sure have fought for those bits!!! I am almost done and woman, you can write. Love your imagination and I am in love with Idi.

 You my dear are more than a good writer. And I can say so because I am one who has read thousands upon thousands of books. Yep, if I don’t like it, I won’t read it, I will close the book and give it away. Yours, I will read again, and again, and again.

 Thank you for blessing me with the gift to forget where I was in the real and made me think I was actually there with your imagination.

Love and light,



I am extremely grateful to Sheryl McHugh, another lady I have never met, whose enthusiasm for the characters of my book keeps me writing.

Have faith its brilliant , I’m going to get it for my niece she,ll love it so when does the next book come out? And all I kept thinking while I was reading it was this would make a great film, I’m going to recommend it to everyone. Thanks for a great story x


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