Book Awards

Indie-authors have to work extremely hard in producing their stories. From writing and editing, to promoting and advertising. They need to learn skills such as having an idea on what makes an eye-catching book cover, and marketing – something that most authors have never done in their life. And all of this on top of spending many hours in producing their stories for our pleasure.

As I read so many books, I’ve decided to nominate my favorite reads each year.

On the 1st December 2021 I shall announce my finalists, and on the 7th December 2021 I shall announce a winner and two runner ups. There is no prize at the moment, beyond a winners badge and a certificate, I hope going forward this may change.

I’m not a huge company, nor am I famous, but I hope my nominations will help cheer and encourage indie-authors.

I will only be entering books that I have blogged about, these after all have been my favorite reads.