Book Review – Christmas Cake Day by Juliet Brilee

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A small town, second chance at love, festive read.

If you want to curl up on the sofa and completely switch off for a few hours, then this is the Christmas read for you!  It’s light, extremely easy to read, and it’s a festive feel-good book too!

Olivia Brighton is driving away from a cheating husband.  She really loved him (despite his awful character) and is rather heart-broken.  Before going home, and facing a criticizing mother, she asks to spend Christmas holidays with her cousin Anna, and her husband Mark.  Welcomed into their warm home and hearts, Olivia settles down to all things Christmassy, including one day dedicated to the baking of cakes.  I could ‘smell’ the nutmeg and cinnamon!  So much so, that although I hadn’t planned to cook a homemade Christmas Cake this year, I found myself rushing off to the shops for the ingredients, that night it was our home that oozed all the lovely odors of Christmas!

Into Olivia’s life walks Trevor Weston, bighearted hunk who works at the Sacred Haven Center for people with disabilities.  The romance (and stumbling blocks) are familiar and obvious, but still it made me smile as I watched their relationship grow.  This is a pleasant, feel-good novel.

$2.99 US or £2.19 UK ~ or Free to read on KindleUnlimited.  114 ratings, with an average of 4.3 at time of posting.

Review warning: Before you rush off and buy any book that someone reviews you should read the free sample chapters provided on Amazon, this way you can decide for yourself if this book is your cup of tea or not.  Happy reading everyone!