Two Women & Too Many Men

Why I wrote this book.

It starts with sweet romantic dreams created by famous cartoon film makers… that give us that beautiful, romantic illusion of love… that ruins a girl forever.

We dream of princes when we are six and by the time we are sixteen we have shifted into tall, dark, handsome, kind and sexy – all bundled into one.  Yikes! But we set ourselves up for a fall, for these perfect men do not exist.  Let me hasten to write ~ and nor do perfect women.

Love, a word bantered around with so many meanings; I mean I love a good cup of coffee, and then of course I simply love going to the pictures.  Yet it is a word that carries such power, it literally can change a person’s life.

No one tells us as we grow up that love can mean sorrow just as much as it means joy.  Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all…  When someone we love dies it is a hurt that is hard to describe and it definitely changes us.  But what of the love we lose when a partner/husband decides we are not enough for them?

Love, love, love.  The lack of love, the loss of love, the unrequited love – yuk that one is sooo harsh.

This book covers a lot of different types of love.  But for me, the one true love of a best friend is what this book is really all about.  Friends who gather round and hug you when you feel broke, friends who encourage and push you to do better.

Friends, where we would be without them?

I wanted to share with older women the reality and the hope in dating later in life when we have already loved and lost for one reason or another.  This book is full of hope and optimism… if you can see past the tears and sad events.

I’m afraid it does come with an ‘adult’ warning because the book is true to life and therefore does mention the intimate parts of a relationship. I had to think long and hard about releasing this book as all my other books stem from my Christian beliefs and this book might be seen to many as not something a ‘nice Christian woman’ would write. However, it is part of my personal make-up, it was a story I wanted to share and so I risk the knock-backs and admit that Nancy Orchard and Tracy Traynor are one and the same.

My hope… is that the reader would be able to curl up with a good cuppa, and maybe a bit of chocolate, put their feet up and enjoy the read, get sad and laugh out loud, but through it all that they might be encouraged and believe that tomorrow is another day and you never know what is just around the corner.