Faith in Abertillery


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This story is so moving and carries a really beautiful message, several actually. Faith judges herself so harshly both for things she can’t control and past decisions. It doesn’t help that her mother reinforces her judgement and then there is Lord Geoffrey Driscoll’s sister… ugh. But there is light. Two lights. One of the lights, Lord Geoffrey Driscoll himself, is a really charming character with everything to love. I mean seriously, he is genuinely wonderful and knows exactly who/what he wants. I love the way he views Faith for who she is at heart. I wasn’t familiar with the time or area but the details make it easy to take a walk back in time and I really loved getting to learn some of the words used. I’ve read everything from this author and look forward to more. Highly recommend.

Want a sneaky preview? Listen to me narrate the first chapter 🙂

She’s given up on love. He’s marrying for money. But God has other plans…

South Wales, 1905. Faith only believes in the certainty of pain and suffering. Born with a club foot and harboring a dark secret, the barmaid can’t escape her sinful past. But after the country’s religious revival puts her out of a job, hope sparks when a handsome aristocrat gallantly offers her a second chance.

Lord Geoffrey Driscoll fears his estate will run out of money before he can find a suitable bride. However, the devout nobleman can’t keep his mind off the stunning redhead despite her lowly status. As the attraction between them grows, Lord Driscoll is torn between his need for a wife of means and his heart.

As Faith falls for Lord Driscoll’s kindness, she wishes that she could erase the sinful past that stands in the way of their union…

Can the troubled couple trust in God to light the way to true love?

Faith in Abertillery is a touching Christian historical romance. If you like stories of forgiveness, rich backdrops, and charming chemistry, then you’ll adore Tracy Traynor’s moving tale.

Book cover by Sharon Clare