Charity in Cheshire

This will be the third book in the Women of Courage series, which will hopefully be released December 2020.

Charity in Cheshire is a Contemporary-Romance.

Surrounded by luxury that most people only dream about, Charity wakens on her twenty-eight birthday to the realization her existence is shallow.  Married to billionaire, coke addict William, Charity yearns for a life with more meaning.

But when she finally picks up the courage to take her life in a new direction a rainfall of misfortune drenches her.

Floundering on the depths of despair, her chauffeur Luke, steps into her life.  Can his stoic calmness rescue Charity from her self-imprisoning mind?

Charity in Cheshire is a 2020 love story, where love and kindness mean more than all the gold in the world.  In a world that’s become unrecognizable, Charity will find joy in the most unexpected places.

Book cover by Deranged Doctor Designs