Charity in Cheshire

This will be the third book in the Women of Courage series, which will hopefully be released late 2020.

Charity in Cheshire is a Contemporary-Romance.

Charity and William met at university. Theirs was an instant-love and they got married within months. What she didn’t know when she said ‘I do’ is that William comes from modern money, in fact he’s filthy rich. At first everything is rosy, but after his parents die in a plane crash things start falling apart. Seven years later, William is a coke-addict and a cheating husband who seems unashamed of his numerous affairs.

On her 28th birthday, Charity realizes she needs to walk away as she doesn’t recognize herself anymore, or the man she married.

Are diamonds really a girls best friend? When your heart’s been shattered can you take a chance at love again?

Book cover by Deranged Doctor Designs