Children’s Books

A modern retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses

When the girls in Riverside Children’s Home start falling asleep in school, their classmate Bobby decides to investigate the cause.

He doesn’t know how to help them, but then one day he does a good deed and is repaid by a totally cool gift of an invisible cloak.

Hidden under his new cloak, Bobby sneaks into the girl’s dormitory to find out where they are going during the night.  He is surprised to find them all disappearing into the wardrobe.  With no other way to get to the bottom of things, Bobby follows Lotti and the other girls… and ends up in a magical world.

Can Bobby help the girls before Mr Rumble, the home’s care worker, separates them all and sends them to new homes?

A sweet fairy tale about family and friendship. 

A new series is coming…

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