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Amazon kdp Select & advertising – is it worth it?

   Yes! Well in my experience anyway, and I've been an indie author for three years now.  In fact yesterday I removed some of my books from various other sites - from which I had zero sales, and put my books back onto kindle select. The reason? Well to make money of course.  The main reason… Continue reading Amazon kdp Select & advertising – is it worth it?

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Grace in Mombasa – two endorsements

I'm so excited to say that I will probably have the kindle of Grace in Mombasa up by Friday 23rd November - a whole week early! I'd like to share with you the two endorsements that I have had for the book. Tracy Traynor’s writing transports you from World War 1 and 2 England to… Continue reading Grace in Mombasa – two endorsements

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Only 3 weeks to go…

When you've spent most of your life... and you're 57 so that's a pretty long time... thinking that you're stupid and rubbish and an idiot, it can be hard to change.  I do believe I've come a long way to getting over low self-esteem but then in times like this, that old nagging voice "you're… Continue reading Only 3 weeks to go…