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Book Review – Vagabondess (a guide to solo female travel) by Toby Israel

I wrote this 5 star review for Chic Lit Café. Vagabondess is, in my opinion, a must read for any would-be travelers.  Inspiring, exciting and considerably insightful, this guide is unlike any other you can buy.  Not a list of places you can visit, this is a conduit to ‘traveling mindset’ and is about lifestyle… Continue reading Book Review – Vagabondess (a guide to solo female travel) by Toby Israel

Born to Be

Author – Narrator Interview

TRACY TRAYNOR – STEVE WHITE Hi Steve I need to start by saying thank you for narrating my books.  I think you do a wonderful job of portraying my characters and bringing the stories to life.  I never could have afforded to pay up front the recommended thousands of dollars for the narration of my… Continue reading Author – Narrator Interview

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Should we go to writers conferences?

Until this weekend I wasn't sure about writers conferences, plus I have discovered I am a terribly indecisive procrastinator!  I'm not sure, I'm going, I've paid, I've canceled, I've repaid... seriously, I must have driven the organizers crazy.  (Sorry Tanja!) Before today if you had asked me about a conference I would have answered you with umm's,… Continue reading Should we go to writers conferences?