Idi & The Sirocco Witch


New book cover above by the very talented Clare Orchard.

KatrinaKatrina  (Dragon Slayer) picture by Dom Stott

If you have read Oracle’s Quest and you enjoyed it, then there is good news!

The trilogy of Idi’s adventures is well underway.

Book 2, Idi & The Talisman of Talia is finished and now available to buy from Amazon.  I have finished Idi & the Sirocco Witch and it is now being professionally edited.

I am so excited because the very first thing I wrote was the last two chapters of book 3, so have my fingers crossed that people will enjoy the way it comes to an end.

Update: Release date – 3rd November 2017!

Katrina and the Unicorn Hunt will be book 4, not sure of a release date.

Yours sincerely



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