List of Characters

List of Characters from the Born to Be series.

‘Behind the name’

The only power names have is the belief we put behind them.

Name Meaning
Idi Idiot
Abigail Father’s Joy
Absalom Father of Peace
Alden Old friend
Alphonso Ready for battle
Amber Jewel
Anthony Praiseworthy
Audrey Nobel
Barush Blessed
Belinda Beautiful
Bert Bright
Bevan Son of Evan
Briac Respect
Britta Strength
Caldwin Brave
Cassandra Prophetess
Cathy Pure
Celestine Heavenly
Conor Strong-willed
Crannog-Fergal Oath Keeper
Damien One who tames
Daphne Bay tree
Draconsis Powerful
Elodie Riches
Elowen Nobel Elm
Elroy The King
Elsa Oath of God
Enora Light
Fiona Fair
Gallagher Supporter
Gurenhok Bent Elbow
Hamish Ruler
Hurricane Storm
James Supplanter
Jenny God is gracious
John God is gracious
Kailin Keeper of the keys
Katrina Pure
Kerwin The black one
Kylie Graceful
Leona Lioness
Lily Innocence
Loreiei Temptress
Losia Gift from above
Lowen Happy
Marcus Defender
Margot Pearl
Martha Lady
Martin Warlike
Matthew Gift of God
Moriya Teacher
Moselle From water
Myles Soldier
Natasha Birthday
Norvora Foolhardy
Obane By running water
Oleanna Helper
Orla Golden Princess
Peidro Rock
Raymond Counsellor
Rodanti Giver
Sadie Princess
Sasha Defender
Sebastian Revered
Selwin Friend
Shaianna Sensible
Sheryl She knows
Shona Beautiful
Silvia From the forest
Tanner Worker
Tarsin Guardian
Thara Wealth
Thomas Twin
Timo One who honors God
Tina River
Torra Fortified
Turtledoff Visionary
Valarie Brave
Voltar Intuition
Wenda Wanderer
Yakira Precious
Zera Seed
Abaddon Destroyer
Desdemona Misery
Acacia Guileless






Earth Element            Father Yahweh Jews

Water Element           Son Adonai Christians

Fire Element               Holy Spirit Allah Muslims


Is the apple three parts, skin, fresh and core?  Or is it simply one – the apple?  Do Muslims, Jews and Christians worship three different Gods?  Or is it one?


In the Old Testament, there was a God-fearing man called Abram.  He was married to a woman called Sari.  We are told in Genesis 15 that God visited them and breathed his life into them, they would now be called Abraham and Sarah.  The ‘Ah’ being ‘the breath of life’.  God told Abraham that he would be the father of many nations.  Now note please, not one nation – as in the Jews, but of many nations – more than one.  They were old at this stage and Sarah didn’t believe that all things were possible with God, so she persuaded her husband to have a child with her maid, a woman called Hagar.

But once Hagar grew fat with a baby Sarah couldn’t stand it anymore and was consumed with jealousy and made Abraham take Hagar to the desert.  Hagar cried out to God for help and he came and blessed her.  Her son, Abraham’s first son, was called Ishmael.  Mohammed, who the Muslim’s recognise as their faith leader is a direct descendant to Ishmael.

God, true to his word as ever, blessed Sarah and she also gave birth to a son, whom they called Isaac.  Jesus is a direct descendant to Isacc.


Jews pray to God, the Father of Abraham.

Muslims pray to God, through the son of Abraham.

Christians pray to God, through another son of Abraham.


Then tell me this… why are we all fighting?

Is friendship not stronger than hate?

Isn’t love longing lasting than loathing?


Shouldn’t we acknowledge we are allowed to be different?

I’ll respect you, please try to respect me.

Let’s acknowledge God in our own way, no wrong, nor right.


May the Father of Abraham breath ‘ah’ into us all.

May the descendants of Abraham be pleased with our efforts.

May the Lord God Almighty join us as one.