Charity in Cheshire

This is the third book in the Women of Courage series.

Charity in Cheshire is a Christian Contemporary-Romance.

It was the very worst of years, the year of Covid, yet for Charity, it was also the year of love.

Surrounded by unimaginable luxury, Charity wakens on her twenty-eight birthday to the realization her existence is shallow.  Married to multi-millionaire coke addict Roland, Charity yearns for a life with more meaning.

However, when she finally picks up the courage to take her life in a new direction a rainfall of misfortune drenches her.  As she’s floundering in the depths of depression, her chauffeur Luke steps into her life.  Can his stoic-calmness rescue Charity from her self-imprisoning mind?

Although, raised as a Christian, Charity has long lost her belief in God. But He has never strayed from her side. The question is will she realize that she is not as alone as she thinks?

Charity in Cheshire is a ‘riches to rags’ tale.  A 2020 love story, where love and kindness mean more than all the gold in the world.  In a life forever changed by Coronavirus, Charity will find joy in the most unexpected places.

Book cover by Deranged Doctor Designs